About Ambush Acoustics

DJ Lindstrom, one of the co-founders of Ambush/ CRS, has a deep background in Audio Engineering. Sound and ranges have been a passion of his. DJ grew up building rubber parts, then moved to Nashville 10 years ago to go into audio engineering school. He has worked in the sound engineering industry in Nashville, which has exploded with innovation. While working in the shooting industry with rubber, he immediately noticed a disconnect on what was working to decrease sound in a range.

“If we can get the average under 138 dbs in a range, I am confident we could do more, and that would be noticeable to a shooter wearing ear protection and be less exhausting.”

-DJ Lindstrom

This would lead to more time spent and more money spent in a gun range. Ambush Acoustics is the gun range acoustic line for CRS Ballistic. Over the years, CRS realized a need for change in the gun range acoustic environment. Ambush takes a different approach to solving acoustic issues on a range.

“Science has shown there is stress that can come from loud noise and disrupt cognitive focus. CRS/ Ambush wants to help design a gun range that looks great with a quietness that would subconsciously reduce stress. This improvement can increase user focus that will result in more training time and make a range more profitable.”

-Will Alpsteg

Ambush can establish a baseline and can build something substantial from it.